MORROW, La. (KLFY) — In Morrow, last night’s EF-1 tornado made its presence felt. 

Sandra Carter told News 10 that she is thankful to be alive after chasing her dog into a bathroom moments before disaster struck. 

“I have a little poodle, and I think she knew something was up because she kept going back and forth and back and forth. When I tried to catch her, she ran from me. I ended up catching her in the bathroom and I was in the hall bathroom when everything exploded,” Carter said.

The explosion was the sound of windows and mirrors breaking in the bathroom as the large tree in Carter’s front yard was ripped from the ground, crashing through the roof of the house. The recliner carter usually sits in was crushed by the debris. Carter and her dog managed to make it through the tornado without even a scratch.  

She said that her neighbor and family members were quick to respond and ready to help her as soon as the storm passed.  

“I managed to come out and I called my neighbor who is a volunteer fireperson here in Morrow, Big Cane, and he was here in just a few seconds because he lives next door, and they helped me basically get out of the house. Every neighbor has called, most of them have come, my neighbor is here now she took my dog with her. Her boys have been here helping me,” she said.  

When Carter came back to the house this morning and saw the damage, the feeling of shock came back to her.

She said that reality has begun to set in now that she sees the destruction the storm left behind. 

Through all of the shock, Carter remains thankful for her and her dog’s safety.  

“It just happened so fast, I’m still in a little bit of shock. But I’m ok. Thank the good Lord I’m okay,” Carter said.  

Crews have been out here since early in the day, clearing roadways and repairing the downed power lines, thankfully no injuries have been reported.