ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz is finalizing the crisis management and safety plan ahead of the first day of school.

He is proposing school staff and student training.

Guidroz says the training will be provided by his office and will emphasize teacher and student reactions during real-time situations.

“If we don’t tell them and train them, they won’t know what to do,” Guidroz said.

Safety and accountability are the words most used by the Sheriff when it comes to how to better protect schools.

He acknowledges the pushback he may receive for student training but says this is a way to keep everyone involved and safe should a situation arise.

“Not only do I have to train the staff and teachers, but I want to train kids also.”

He tells News 10 it is his duty to train, not to intimidate and says the training will come at no cost to the schools or school board.

“That’s not an expense for me. We do that on duty.”

Sheriff Guidroz says his office has about eight people in their arsenal, from juvenile officers to school resource officers who will be available to take on the task.

“We are going to certify all those people in my department that need to be handling the issue.”