ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Even after videos of students fighting at North Central High School surfaced online, parents told News 10 that communication with the school has only gotten worse and it needs to be addressed.

“It’s just so much at North Central and nobody is acknowledging this. Like, nobody cares about our babies, but I care. Mrs. Monica, she cares. I don’t care who’s mad at me for stepping up,” concerned parent Terrall Babineaux told News 10.

After speaking out about issues at the school in March, Monica Jenkins said that she was met with criticism from teachers for mishandling the situation and punished by the principal.

“I’ve been met with and asked to no longer be on the campus until only during coaching hours of my sport. Track and field is a broad sport and there could be times where I need to be present on campus in order to get certain things done,” Jenkins said.

In the days following the complaint, both concerned parents told News 10 that the communication from the school has been slow and not productive; with Jenkins only receiving information by emails and Babineaux finding no success in meeting with the school’s principal.

“What’s really frustrating is it hasn’t been like that in the past and it’s not as productive. And in my opinion, it shows a bit of guilt,” Jenkins said.

“I attempted on Thursday to speak with the principal. It took 2 hours for the principal to show up to the school, and to no avail,” said Babineaux.

Babineaux also said that her hopes are high to see progress, but progress can’t take place until there is more transparency from the school.

“The first step is communication but we can’t get any of that. Not even from the school board. So what do you do? There’s nothing we can do, our back is against the wall. If they don’t want to talk to us and come up with some kind of conclusion then we’re just stuck. There’s nothing we can do without the school and the parish.”

Both Babineaux and Jenkins told News 10 that they will continue to push for communication because in the end, they just want what’s best for the students.