OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – The Opelousas community came together in memory of their loved ones after they were killed in a double homicide this week.

On Thursday night, Alexie Joubert, 19, and Samijah Leday, 21, were both killed near the 1200 block of Ina Clara Drive.

Police sid the two women were sitting in a car in front of their home when they were shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting.

Sekeitha Richard, Alexie’s cousin, is proud of the love her community has shown for her family.

“It took two people to get everybody out here. People don’t know us, but you have two people that brought a whole city out,” Richard said.

Balloons were released in honor of the lives the two women lived. As loved ones try to cope with their loss, they are relying on one another to keep the memory of Alexie and Samijah alive.

Torrie Akudu is a family friend who said the family will still be able to move on, but it will take time.

“We got memories to go off of,” Akudu said. “We got those moments. We gotta be a village. We gotta be one.”

Richard shared how scary it has become to be in a community-filled tragedy.

“We use to play and run around happily,” Richard said. “Now you gotta watch how you go outside. You can’t even send your kids outside to play because you don’t know what’s going to happen. No mamma no daddy should be burying a child like that.”

Pastor Lionell Rubin was present at the ceremony. He explained how it is up to everyone in the community to prevent more violence from continuing.

“Now it is time for Opelousas to heal and move forward,” Rubin said. “If we work together, we can fight against the violence any type of violence if we work together. That is the main thing.”

This event was put together out of love from the community and have the lives of Alexie and Samijah never to be in vain.

The investigation of this double homicide is still ongoing.

There have been no arrests at this time.

Opelousas police encourage anyone with any information to contact them as soon as possible.