UPDATE 9/15/2022: Sheriff Bobby Guidroz stated, “Information given to me in the preparation of a press release for the purpose of clarifying the yearly audit finding, I was incorrect in reporting that over $100,000 was misappropriated by the Arnaudville Town clerk. The actual amount misappropriated was $2,400 and not $100,000.”

“My sincere apology goes out to the family of the former Town Clerk, Mayor Todd Meche, Town Council Members, the citizens of Arnaudville, and the television viewing audience for incorrectly giving out information to local media stations regarding the aforementioned missing funds news release,” Guidroz added.

ORIGINAL: ARNAUDVILLE, La. (KLFY) — An investigation that began following an audit that determined the Town of Arnaudville has $100K missing from its general fund, has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

“In July of 21 the town of Arnaudville’s budget had over a hundred thousand dollar deficit. So the mayor contacted my office and asked us to do an investigation,” Sheriff Bobby Guidroz explained.

He says shortly after the investigation began, the unthinkable happened.

“We initiated an investigation and barely started the investigation, then the mayor called us back and said to discontinue the investigation. The suspect, the clerk that worked here has passed away and we have no other suspects.”

Cynthia Romero suffered a heart attack on her way to the detective station to provide a statement.

Guidroz says Romero was believed to be the suspect due to her job with the town.

“They gave us her job duties and job description so that’s where we were going to start the investigation as to the receipts and the accounting services.”

He says the investigation would have included other town employees as well.

“We would have also included others that handle money to make sure that person was the only one involved. But the mayor wanted us to stop the investigation, so we did.”

Guidroz says the only way to reopen the case is if the mayor believes there is a second suspect.