ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. (KLFY) The early stages of planning a massive and much needed road overlay project are taking place in St. Landry Parish.  

Parish President Jessie Bellard describes, “An overlay is taking the road and bringing it back down to the bottom and coming back up.”

In 2013, the parish passed a tax that addressed road concerns.

It raised $62.5M in bond money.

“That money was spent on roads. We collect money every month and we do ditching on a road or two,” Bellard said.

With the assistance of District Five Congresswoman Julia Letlow’s office, the parish has the opportunity to receive appropriation of up to $5M.

Bellard says that money will be geared toward safety concerns.

“To meet the contingency of the appropriation, we have to help the road itself but also help people who travel that road,” he said.

Through a consultant firm, the parish is applying for $40M through the infrastructure bill for rural roads in the parish.

“It meets different criteria but it meets our needs.”

St. Landry Parish has over 900 miles of roads.

The parish estimates approximately $150M in road work remains.

“That five million will help some key areas. The 40 million will put us closer to our goal of paving every road in the parish.”