SUNSET, La. (KLFY) – Jonathan Zenon, 59, spoke with KLFY News 10 after the attack of five pit bulls sent him to the hospital.

Zenon thanks God that he is alive today. News 10’s Rodricka Taylor spoke to him after getting out of the hospital. He said that he is staying with his daughter so she can help assist him in his needs. 

“I left my house and walked to the backstreet to have coffee with my sister. It was about 9 o’clock in the morning and when I got halfway down the road I was on the opposite side of the road where the dogs came from,” Zenon said. “The female dog came out of the yard barking so I backed up in a friend of mine’s yard then I realized he wasn’t home.” 

He said that the dogs kept advancing, and the other four came out of the yard. When the first dog came out and bit him, the other four jumped on him. Zenon said he tried to go into a friend’s trailer on Dynasty Lane to avoid the attack but then realized the friend was not there. 

“I really don’t remember what was running through my mind but survival. They threw me down twice, and I just kept trying to keep them from getting to my artery. One of them came and tried to grab me in the neck on the left-hand side,” he said. “I reached out and grabbed her and she caught me on the ear.” 

Zenon told News 10 that three to four minutes later the dog owner’s son came from the home and called off the pit bulls. However, he said when he asked the man for help he refused. 

“My understanding is they saying they were in the house watching the dogs. How could you just let your dogs attack somebody?” he asked. “One thing they got rid of the dogs and really I’m not mad at the guy the only thing that I mean doesn’t settle well with me. I mean them dogs could have cut an artery. He could have at least called an ambulance. Try to render aid or something,” he said. 

News 10 reached out to the dogs owner for comment but did not receive any. As Zenon recovers from wounds in his arms, legs, and ear, he said that he does not think a kid would have survived what he went through. 

“Honestly, I don’t know how I got out of it. It’s the grace of God, and I just thank God it wasn’t a kid. It’s no way a child would survive that,’ said Zenon. 

He said there are kids that walk in the neighborhood and the bus drops the kids off just two blocks from the house where the five dogs lived. 

“It’s no way a kid was going to survive that. I just don’t see how I did. It’s by the grace of God,” he said. 

He said his attack is not the first time the dogs were an issue in the community. 

“The neighbors had been complaining to the guy about dogs because the dogs done jammed up two, three residents back there,” he said. “They had trouble with their dogs and the guy just wouldn’t detain his dogs.” 

He hopes the owner can learn to control their pets moving forward. 

“Look, I’m 59. I know better than to go into somebody’s yard playing with five loose pit bulls,” said Zenon. “If you’re raising these types of dogs, it’s your responsibility because a dog is going to get out if they have a way to get out. So it’s neglect on the owner.”

News 10 reached out to St. Landry Parish Animal Control for updates on the investigation but did not get a response. The investigation is still active, and the dogs will remain in Animal Control’s custody pending the investigation. The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with Zenon’s hospital expenses.