PORT BARRE, La. (KLFY)– Fights that broke out at Port Barre High School resulted in the arrests of 16 Port Barre high school and middle school students, ranging from 14-19 years of age, according to the Port Barre Police Department.

Authorities said students were getting on the school buses Tuesday afternoon when one of the juveniles, who was expelled from the school, drove to the school with two student passengers and started fighting other students in the bus area.

The fight grew as more students jumped in.

Authorities also arrested three more juveniles on Wednesday after authorities obtained school security footage of a classroom fight. Police were able to identify most of the students in the video.

The juveniles who were arrested have charged with disturbing the peace by fighting, according to PBPD. One student was charged with assault on a schoolteacher.

The expelled student was charged with criminal trespassing and him and his passengers were charged with inciting a riot and disturbing the peace by fighting.

“School fights have become a common nuisance,” Port Barre Police Chief Deon Boudreaux said. “This not only disrupts the learning process of other students but it also places the teachers and staff in danger. Unfortunately, we are in an era of lawlessness and violence. There must be more accountability and consequences to deter this type of activity in our schools. School security is an absolute must. Every school should have officers on campus during school hours. Our state leaders and school boards need to have some discussion and find funding to be able to place officers in our schools.

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