OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – Pastor Lawrence Levy, along with Shauna Sias, founder of the #BullyingBox passion project, held a one-day revival to restore the community following what has been a string of violence in the community. 

The event took place at the Delta Grand Theatre, with approval from Parish President Jessie Bellard.

“We’ve had numerous, countless, senseless murders of our young people, many bullying and suicide attempts and failures. It’s time for us to come together and heal. So we thought this was our way to give back to our community,” Sias said. 

According to the Opelousas Police Department, in Jan. the department had five documented shooting incidents, three incidents where evidence of shootings was located after a call for shots fired was received, one shooting where a serious injury occurred and one that resulted in a homicide. A total of 27 calls for shots fired were called in, but only previously listed were verified by some form of evidence being located.

Father, Lord, God, I asked right now that the body of Christ in Opelousas would rise up to become everything that they supposed to be,” Pastor Levy said.

He asked everyone in the room to raise their hands in the air and “Imagine a healed Opelousas. Imagine a loving Opelousas. Imagine a caring Opelousas. Imagine a community with people who care for one another.”

Sias said social media is one of her major concerns for the youth and that it is impacting how they react and behave on matters. 

“It’s a complex thing,” Sias said. “We’re not understanding the magnitude and the power that social media has with our young people. We have to remember just a few years ago; our children were locked up with COVID for two years. They did most of their things online playing with their PS5 and PS4 and all these things, so they’re actually reliving in real life some things that they have played with,” she said. 

“Children are suffering, and when they get that angry, they don’t know how to take their anger out except through violence,” said Levy. 

Levy said matters will continue unless parents bring their children and loved ones to get help.

“Are you bringing them to a place to heal? Are you getting them to a place of healing?” said Levy.

“The children have gone through so many things, and what people what I try to get people to understand is a child goes through the exact same things that the adults are going through, and sometimes we find trouble, you know, ciphering through those emotions and, day to day life, and we need some healing here,” said Sias. 

If any child at any time is having any issues at school, whether it be bullying, or cyberbullying, head to https://www.thebullyboxpassion.com/ where it is a one-stop shop for all of your bullying and suicide preventative measures and also a great resource for parents.