ST. LANDRY PARISH (KLFY) – A man in St. Landry Parish is wearing a gun on his side, now fearful of pit bulls running onto his property. The owner of the dogs was recently cited, but says the dogs are not dangerous.

“Where do I go? What do I do? I have no clue,” said Wedrick Guillory.

Guillory says he’s protecting himself from the pit bulls next door, by carrying a 22-Magnum pistol, when he’s outside his house.

“Is this what we have to use to be in our back yards? Come on now,” said Guillory. “Where’s life at now a days?”

Guillory has lived on Highway 104, just outside Opelousas, since 1973. He says the pit bulls got loose recently, through a hole in the fence, and charged at him. The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office was called.
The owner of the pit bulls, Cleveland Roberts, was given a citation.

“Yeah it’s a mistake. I let my dogs out. My dogs ran in the yard. It’s my fault. I know it. I usually put them on the chain one by one, but I let them all out of the house that day,” said Roberts.

Roberts says the dogs getting loose was an honest mistake, and the dogs are not dangerous.

“The dogs came in the yard, and came around him. They’re not bad dogs,” said Roberts. “If they were bad dogs, they were all around him, they would’ve bit him. You heard me?”

Guillory says his disappointment is in the sheriff’s office and animal control for not doing something about this situation. The citation given to Roberts, one count of animals running at large, is a misdemeanor.