South Louisiana Giving Day: Love Our Schools


The Lafayette Parish School system says on thousands of volunteers will help renovate eight schools in the parish on July 13.  

On the list of the love our schools project is one the parish’s older schools Northside High School.​ News 10’s Renee Allen takes us on a tour of what’s to be done​​

Change is coming to northside high school.  ​Love Acadiana and the William C. Schumacher Family Foundation have joined forces for the Love Our Schools effort.​

​”They are going to take down some of the things on the wall for us and really fresh it up,” NHS principal Julia Williams stated.​

​Northside High School principal Julia Williams says volunteers will tackle four projects on campus.​ One project will be the cafeteria.  ​Williams says the walls will be painted to match the rest of the dining area.​

“School should be a place that’s welcoming for the students.  The more we can just beautify it and clean it up, make sure we’re not cutting any corners and everything looks exactly the way it should,” Williams added.​ The outside is also being  spruced up.​

‘This is a common area for the students to hang-out.  This is where they come after lunch or hang-out in the morning.  Having more seating so they can spread out would be really good for the kids.”​

​However, the biggest project may be the boys locker room.​ Some of the work includes repainting the beams across the ceiling.  “They’re getting new lockers so the lockers and they’re going to update the floor as well.”​

​There’s a smiliar renovation plan for the girls athletic room. The benches will be changed out.​ “This is the girls athletic room. They’ll give us a nice facelift.”  ​​

Williams says  old greenhouse is falling apart, served its purpose over the years but now it needs to go.​ “The board passed funding and got us a more up to date greenhouse it’s phenomal.  It’t got all kinds of electricity that runs to it,” Williams noted.​

​Williams says Northside High will start the upcoming school year with about 750 students.​ “They’re going to pressure wash all the benches and put fresh paint on all of them.”

According to LPSS, nearly 5,000 students will receive backpacks filled with school supplies and more than 600 teachers and staff will be gifted with much needed supplies. To support the Love Our School projects go to our website for a lik that will allow you to do just that.

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