BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) A Breaux Bridge police officer has acknowledged writing what he now calls a “joke” on social media about recent Black Lives Matter demonstrators rallying across the country against the death of numerous African American men and woman by police actions.

Officer Dustin Landreneau has now apologized for saying, “You don’t see them burning the unemployment office or the food stamp office,” in what appears to be a response to the mass number of protest happening around the country.

Landreneau later deleted the post, but it had already gone viral.

Police Chief Rollie Cantu has called the statement “insensitive and hurtful.”

He said those words are not a representation of himself or the other “fine men and women” of the Breaux Bridge Police Department.

“I am deeply disappointed, this should have never happened.” Cantu said.

After speaking with the chief, Landreneau is now on personal leave pending an internal investigation.

“He should be embarrassed. He is very embarrassed.”

In a statement sent to KLFY, Landreneau offered an apology. It reads as follows:

“It was an immature post that I should have never done. I realized how stupid it was and immediately deleted it from Facebook. I am deeply sorry for putting it. This is not my character to do such a thing, but it happened. I will be the first to admit I was wrong, and it was no the time to joke as the post was intended. I am not in any way racist or chose race over decision in job nor life. Please accept my apology for the immature post.”

Landreneau’s Facebook account appears to have been deleted.

Cantu said he will meet with the department civil service department Monday morning at 9 a.m. to discuss Landreneau’s future with the police department.

Additionally he said, the proper disciplinary actions will be taken.