LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As parishes finalize school plans, some have made changes to bus schedules to accommodate CDC guidelines while others say bus routes will remain the same.

Allison Dickerson with Lafayette Parish School System, says, “We had to adjust travel times and bell schedules to make sure we can pick up all students.”

In Lafayette Parish, the school system will roll out a seating chart for students on the bus.

Students are asked to remain in the same seat until COVID protocols are lifted.

“The reason we do that is because we want to ensure if someone would come down with COVID, we can trace who was sitting by that student,” explains Dickerson.

In Acadia parish, Superintendent Scott Richard says he sees no changes to bus transportation because of high virtual learning enrollment.

Richard says, “As of right now, no major changes. We are trying to make sure things stay the same.”

With students loading buses at 50% capacity… Acadia and Lafayette parish school systems say that will change the layout of the bus.

“Every other seat, one student per seat unless family members,” adds Dickerson.

“Windows down to allow for airflow, students spaced out, siblings can sit together, adds Richard.

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