Social Distancing Grades: Lafayette earns a B-


(KLFY) From the federal to local level, leaders keep repeating one thing during the Covid-19 outbreak–social distancing.

A study by unacast shows on a state by state basis how we’re adhering to the guidelines.

So, what grades are we making in Acadiana when it comes to social distancing?

Overall, Louisiana earns a C-average.

Orleans Parish is leading the pack with an A minus– followed by Lafayette with a B-minus and both are trending upward, meaning more people are staying at home.

We’ve got a cluster of D-grades here in these parishes and as of news time, St. Martin has joined Acadia in the parishes with F-grades.

“We can not let our foot off the gas either. We have to have better compliance with these mitigation measures over the next 30 days. and we can decide. We can control whether we’ll have fewer deaths or more and I hope everyone takes that very very seriously because that’s the simple fact of the matter.”

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