LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A ban on smoking in bars, clubs, and public places in the city of Lafayette and unincorporated parts of the Parish, is set to go into effect Tuesday.

Back in April, the Lafayette City-Parish council voted 7-2 in favor of the ban. Bar patrons will be able to smoke on outside patio areas, but smoking inside the bars will not be allowed.

Marley’s Sports Bar in Downtown Lafayette actually held a final event for smokers to be able to smoke in their bar, but some bar owners throughout the area, say this change will impact their bottom line.

“We don’t know what this change is going to do to our business, I’m sure it’s not going to be positive,” said John Patterson, owner of Gloria’s Lounge and Cigar Bar. john patterson

He’s one of many bar owners worried about the new smoking ban which goes into effect tuesday. He says it could impact their bottom line.

“There’s nothing else to cut. The bar has been around here for around 40 years and it’s an oil-field neighborhood bar. 99% of our patrons smoke, all of our bar-mates smoke, and this smoking ban I’m sure is not going to be very good for business.

Patterson has already built a porch for his customers. The new ban includes electronic cigarettes and applies to not only bars in the city, but clubs, restaurants, public spaces in parks, and more. It’s something Rene’ Stansbury, with the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living says has been a long time coming, and it’s beneficial to the community.

“People don’t realize that when you’re exposed to breathing in second-hand smoke for 30 seconds, you can suffer the same health effects of smoking a cigarette yourself. The end goal is to improve the help of our community,” she said.

The owner of Marley’s is excited for the change as well.

“I feel like employees, the wear and tear on their lungs, the memorabilia, just destroyed. Smoke eaters, air conditioners, we have a smoking patio outside which will make the transition very easy for us,” said Andrew Monceaux, owner of Marley’s Sports Bar.

The ban doesn’t apply to Carenco, Duson, Scott, Youngville and Broussard.