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Small businesses feeling the pinch of the coronavirus crisis


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Many small businesses are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“My major concern is that a lot of small businesses won’t make it out on the other end, especially in the restaurant business,” said restaurant owner Trejan Vinson.

Kitchen on Klinton has been a successful business for two years, maintaining two locations. One of the owners, Trejan Vinson says his business slowed down tremendously at both locations among the coronavirus pandemic.

“The mall location basically came to a standstill while this location slowed down by 85% in traffic, which is a big hit,” said Vinson.

Besides traffic volume, he says supply and demand became an issue as well.

“The price of chicken goes up,” he said. “The price of anything goes up when there’s such a high demand.”

With the demand so high, he says it is difficult to get ahold of what he needs for his restaurant, making it expensive to stay open. He believes small business loans might not help the situation either.

“That loan situation where people say, ‘Yeah, you can just go get a loan,'” said Vinson. “It’s a loan, like, you have to pay it back and you don’t know what kind of economical situation these companies were in before.”

He says he communicates often with his co-owners to help keep the business afloat. They will continue to stay open for their employees.

“The prices have gone up,” said Vinson. “And hours have been cut and the customers have been cut right now. We’re just making sure our employees are taking care of.”

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