(KLFY) — When you shop locally, you are helping many small businesses survive. Local business owners in Acadiana shared why community support is important and how Small Business Saturday helps bring in customers.

“Small businesses aren’t just the backbone of our economy, they are our economy, and unfortunately, in these last eighteen months, small businesses have been the hardest hit,” said Stacey Hebert, Jewelies Boutique.

On “Support Small Business Saturday” many local businesses look to the community to support them.

“This [is] the pain area. This, that grind moment. [These are] tough times, so I need your guys’ support,” said Joseph Richard, co-owner, Kingz and Queenz Soul Kitchen.

“Everything that I do back there is authentic work. Take my time and scratch that pot hours in at a time just to make the meal said,” Richard.

Kingz and Queenz Soul Kitchen, a local restaurant in Lafayette, has been in service for three months.

The co-owner says he needs support from the community.

“Most small business owners employ moms and dads, putting food on the table; sending their kids to public schools,” said Hebert.

“When you’re shopping locally, not only are you helping someone who is a local family. This is how we pay our bills, and we’re able to employ other people and help them raise their families,” said Theresa Richard, owner, Bain Amour Bath & Body company.

The money and support of small businesses stay within the community.

“Most important to small business owners, more important than a transaction, is the relationships that are formed,” said Hebert.

She, along with many others, say if it were not for the support of small business, she would not be here today.

“Just know that without you guys, we can’t survive,” added Joseph Richard.