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SLPSO undergoes defensive tactic training to prepare for real-life, worst-case scenarios


OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY)- Officials at the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office have been undergoing training this week to better prepare themselves for real-life scenarios where they would have to employ defensive tactics.

All law enforcement deputies participated in the week-long training. This included patrol division, detectives, and corrections officers, among many others.

“Lack of training is a failure to prepare. Unfortunately, in the world we live in now, people will resist arrest and they will try to take our guns away from us, or they will have their own guns,” explained Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux.

He says they’re training for those specific circumstances, “We are working on ground defense, we are also working with disarmament, and weapon retention.”

Sergeant Jessica Greene, who’s a member of the SLPSO SWAT team, was one of the instructors during the week-long course.

She says this type of training is something they do throughout the year, “It’s very important that our officers stay refreshed with the information because it’s something that’s, not changing, but it’s constantly something that you gotta stay working on to make sure that you up your game.”

Greene adds that by the deputies’ constant practice, they better ensure their own safety and that of those around them.

“It’s really good when you’re dealing with de-escalation. Instead of reverting to your weapon, you can pretty much use a baton, or pepper spray. And throughout this training, we actually learn how to use various different tools that are on our duty belt. It plays a major role in how they respond to certain individuals they come in contact with.”

These are all tactics the deputies learn when they’re joining the Sheriff’s Office. They do mandatory refresher trainings like this one several times a year.

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