SLEMCO prepares for severe weather with tree trimming crew


As the threat of severe weather moves toward Acadiana; utility companies are trimming trees that could pose a serious threat to life and property.
SLEMCO says it has a crew clearing branches on a regular basis. The goal is to be proactive and get the work done before a storm. Beverly Lyons’ home is near a live oak tree that needs clearing out. “I do not have a problem with them trimming them especially those type of trees,” Lyons said.

This is SLEMCO’s right-of-way tree trimming crew. SLEMCO Communications Manager Mary Laurent says the utility company has 10,000 miles of power lines. Laurent says it’s been several years since a huge storm came through, knocking out old dying trees that could pose a threat. “Trees have had a lot of time to grow and the limbs have had time to grow,” Laurent added. 

Laurent says it’s during calm conditions that SLEMCO focuses trimming and return again for aftermath cleanup. “What always helps trees during a storm is if they’re trimmed well; and keep the inside branches from getting to clogged up. When the wind is really bad, lets say in a hurricane the wind can go through the tree,”  Laurent said.

The crew foreman has some advice.  Damon Kelly says heed the warning to slow down for the crew that’s near the road. “We’re out here for everyone. We would like you all to pay attention a little more. Get off the cell phones. That’s kind of a big thing,”  Kelly said.

Laurent says SLEMCO provides service to about 109,000 Acadiana residents

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