BUTTE LA ROSE, La. (KLFY) – The Louisiana State Legislature will soon consider a bill to better control speeding on a dangerous stretch of I-10.

State Senator Page Cortez (R), of Lafayette, is the author of the bill to improve safety on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

Some people we spoke with at the Louisiana Welcome Center at Butte La Rose say increasing the fines for speeding will make drivers think twice when putting the pedal to the metal.

However, from out of state, they are concerned that this idea would create an 18-mile speed trap, if the fines aren’t clearly posted.

When there’s a serious traffic accident on the bridge, no matter what the reason, it’s many times deadly, and can bring traffic to a standstill for several hours.

“I’ve been stuck on the bridge for a while. In an accident, yes,” said Laura Blakney, of Florida. “You’re there for hours. There’s no way on or off. It’s frustrating.”

Senate Bill 435 is aimed at getting drivers to slow down, by hitting where it hurts, in your bank account.

The bill calls for increasing fines five times over for speeding five times over, putting the maximum penalty for going way too fast at $2,500. It also calls for posting more speed limit signs, and posting signs to remind truckers to stay in the right lane.

“The speeding is unbelievable,” said Jim Gates, of Illinois. “The amount of people who go around us. They just fly by us like we’re standing still. Something needs to be done.”

“That would slow people down if they knew they would lose money out of their wallet,” said Lemon Edwards, of North Carolina. “I know it would me. I’m driving for the company. I would probably lose my job if I were going 75 in a 60 mile per hour zone.”

“It’s interesting. I don’t know what the fines are on the bridge currently. How would someone traveling from out of state know that they are increased unless it is posted? It would be considered a trap to visitors outside of the state,” said Blakney.

This bill was sent to the Senate Transportation, Highways, and Public Works Committee.

Click here to read Senate Bill 435.