Sen. Kennedy visits with Cajun Navy


YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Senator John Kennedy spent time today visiting with the Cajun Navy in Youngsville.

Kennedy not only picked the brains of the group but learned about the system they use to keep track of their over 400 boats used to help flooding victims.

“They’re not being paid. A lot of them are taking off from work. A lot of them are taking money out of their own pocket. They’re putting themselves at risk. Our people are putting themselves in harm’s way but they’re doing it to try to help other human beings,” says Kennedy.

Cajun Navy members say Kennedy can help them with resources including gas which Texas is currently struggling to obtain.

“He’s going to try to give us the resources we need over there. I hope he pulls through for us and if he does, that’s just amazing,” says Gary Davis who is one of the founders of the Cajun Navy.

“Just to know that we have his support and D.C.’s ear. Just to get the word out to everyone around the country,” says Craig Spadoni who owns the building the Cajun Navy is working out of.

Kennedy points to help from Texans in the August floods a year ago and says it is gratifying to see his people returning the favor.

“To relieve a little bit of the suffering that our people in Texas are going through. I’m just as proud as I can be of the Cajun Navy,” says Kennedy.

The senator says he is in awe of the group and talks about what has come out of this tragedy.

“If I make it to heaven, first thing I’m going to ask God is why bad things happen to good people because I don’t understand. But if there is any good to come out of this horror, it’s being able to watch just average Americans pull together and do extraordinary things,” says Kennedy.

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