Seatbelts are number one safety function in a car


(KLFY)- No matter what type of vehicle you drive, one of the safest choices both drivers and passengers can make is to buckle up.

Thomas Gossen with Louisiana State Police Troop I continues, “Seatbelts are the number one safety function of a car.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, within the last year over 9,000 unbuckled vehicle occupants in the United States were killed in accidents.

“We just ended 2020, 61 fatalities from 56 crashes, of those fatalities, 45% unrestrained,” Gossen says.

In Louisiana, the 2020 projected data show 55% of drivers not wearing a seatbelt were killed and 66% of passengers also not wearing a seatbelt did not survive the crash.

“Many times an ejection can happen. The problem is 75% die from injuries. If you do survive, there are major injuries,” adds Gossen.

Data taken within the year in the state shows 63 percent of children not properly restrained during an accident died as a result of their injuries

Gossen explains, “Louisiana has the strictest child seat laws in the country. If your child is two, they have to exceed the weight and height limit.”

While not all crashes are survivable, Tropper Gossen says proper seat belt usage can greatly increase the chance of surviving the crash.

“Number one, seatbelts protect head and spine, number 2 it prevents you from going forward, prevents you from being a projectile,” adds Gossen.

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