Scott Popeye’s employees fired after pouring cayenne pepper into food


SCOTT, La. (KLFY)- An employee of Popeye’s in Scott is accused of pouring cayenne pepper into a sandwich’s ingredients.

The unidentified employee shot video of the incident. That video was posted on Instagram.

“This is not something that should be done to a burger, and everybody is after the burger and wants the burger,” Keanna Lewis said.

When Lewis saw the video, she took a screen recording and posted it on Facebook. That video went viral.

“That’s a lot of cayenne pepper that was put inside the sauce that’s on the burger, and a lot of people can’t have that,” Lewis said.

Gabrielle Mays said eating the contaminated sandwich could have had an impact on her health.

“I get ulcers from stress, so if I would have had one of those sandwiches, and I had an ulcer in my mouth, my mouth probably would have hurt, ya know. And that’s kinda messed up,” Mays said.

The Scott Police Department said they would not be investigating the situation, as it is not a criminal matter.

Chief Chad Leger said it is a matter that should be handled by Popeye’s internally.

Popeye’s has since fired the employees involved, and the restaurant says it is investigating the situation.

A human resources director said any necessary legal action will be taken against those involved.

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