Scott family starting over again after fire destroys their house


A little over ten years ago a family lost their home to Hurricane Katrina, and now after a devastating fire the family is starting over once again.

Scott Fire Department dashcam video shows how the fire engulfed the house, garage, and car in the driveway.

“Pictures and stuff you can never replace, you know? That’s what’s so sad,” said Neva Guillory.

Fire Chief, Chad Sonnier says the fire burned for nearly an hour before the family found out about it.

In fact, the family was inside the home watching TV, as the fire burned.

Their smoke alarms never went off.

“The home owner said he was smelling something burning for 30 to 45 minutes and was trying to find the fire, and when he opened the garage door is when he found it,”” said Sonnier.

Neva Guillory lives next door.

She says the family moved here from St. Bernaard Parish, after losing their home in 2005 to Hurricane Katrina.

“It broke my heart you know. Especially when I found out they lost everything, but like I said we are friends and we help eachother out,”” said Guillory.

The house is in a subdivision and the homes are relatively close together.

Guillory’s home and other homes surrounding the house received some damage.

Fire Chief, Chad Sonnier says firefighters are glad to help whenever they can.

“As firefighters we try and do everything we can to save what we can for people, but in this case it was just too far gone for us to do anything,”” said Sonnier.

The family is in need of clothes, shoes, and other personal items. If you would like to make donations, contact the Scott Fire Department.

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