School superintendent addresses campus safety protocol after 4-year-old student wanders away for school


We’ve seen it all over social media, the question of “How does a four-year-old manage to walk out of a classroom and off-campus without being noticed?”
News 10 sat down with St. Landry Parish Superintendent, Patrick Jenkins to see what policies are in place to prevent this and what’s being done to make sure it does not happen again.

“So when we look at precautions and procedures that we have in place now, with regards to teachers and staff, accountability of students is number one,” said Jenkins.

He says the current rules in place ensure that teachers are accountable for their students, even when they have to leave the classroom.
“We want them to call the office so an administrator can go to the classroom and to supervise that classroom. And in some cases, another teacher may go in to supervise. But at all times, we expect that students are supervised by an adult on the campus,” he explains.

However, despite these current policies, investigators say a four year old boy managed to find his way out of his school campus on his own.

But how?

“Well that’s what we’re trying to find out,” says Jenkins, “We’re working closely with Opelousas Police Department we’re doing an internal investigation as well, so we’re still gathering the facts.”

But the next question many are asking is how will they ensure that that doesn’t happen again?

“We’re in the process of developing some plans that we can communicate with our administrators throughout the district so that we can identify specific things and details that each individual school can develop for their campuses and their staff to ensure that this never happens again,” Jenkins explains.

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