LAFAYETTE, LA – Schilling Distributing Company has made the decision to pull all Bud Light point-of-sale material featuring the NFL and New Orleans Saints marks following last weekend’s National Anthem protests. Schilling has been locally Veteran-Owned through three generations since 1950, and it strongly supports our Nation’s flag and law enforcement.

Schilling believes that while everyone has a right to peacefully protest, doing so at the expense of our National Anthem is not an appropriate way to go about it.

“With all the negative attention the NFL is receiving right now due to these protests, we do not feel it is appropriate to associate our brand with them in the marketplace at this time,” said Charles “Buddy” Schilling, Vice-President of Schilling Distributing. “These sponsorship deals are made at a national level, and while Bud Light has been an official partner of the NFL and New Orleans Saints for years, there is no need for us to ask our retailer partners to promote such controversial organizations to help sell product.”

Schilling will offer alternative programming to retailers in the meantime, including point-of-sale material featuring such messages as “Proud to Serve Those Who Serve” and “This Bud’s for You, Louisiana.”

This decision was made at the local level by Schilling Distributing Company and does not in any way reflect the views of Anheuser-Busch.

Schilling Distributing Company was founded in 1950 by Herbert Schilling exclusively selling Anheuser-Busch products.

Schilling currently operates out of a 162,000 ft² warehouse selling 4 million cases annually.

They operate as Lafayette’s only locally-owned alcohol beverage distributor under Mr. Herbert E. Schilling II and his son, Mr. Charles “Buddy” H. Schilling, II, and have transitioned from an exclusive beer wholesaler to a diversified beverage distributorship.

With time-honored loyalty and experience, Schilling continues to efficiently deliver alcoholic and non-alcoholic products with outstanding personnel resulting in an exceptional experience for their retail customers.