ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Heather Thibodeaux told News 10 she’s not active on Facebook, but when she saw a convincing Dollar General scam on the site, she opened herself up to the opportunity.

Thibodeaux said the scam was a post saying that Dollar General was giving select people $1,500 to help with groceries because of tough times caused by COVID-19.

The scammer told Thibodeaux in order to receive the offer she had to send $100, which Thibodeaux said she didn’t have. “They offered to pay the $100 fee but nothing was ever put into the account,” Thibodeaux explained.

The scammer then convinced Thibodeaux to send a photo ID. After that is when she realized her Facebook account was hacked.

“They said they needed information on me to make sure it was me,” Thibodeaux said. “A couple of days later I went to get on my Facebook and my Facebook would not let me on.”

The scammer attempted to send the same Dollar General ad to some of Thibodeaux’s friends, but she warned them not to fall for it.

It wasn’t until the scammer posted an ad on Thibodeaux’s page selling Yorkie puppies for a cheap price that someone else fell victim to the scam. Multiple people were targeted, but only one lady from Morgan City fell for the scam.

“The lady told me she gave them $200. She said she drove down to the address and when she called back the number that called her they blocked her,” Thibodeaux explained.

Thibodeaux said law enforcement told her if she would not have reported the scam, she would’ve been arrested until she was able to prove she was not responsible.