Scammers claiming to be authorities accusing victims of drug trafficking, money laundering


Scammers are claiming to be with law enforcement or the Social Security Administration calling consumers saying they have charges of drug trafficking or money laundering.  

Scammers are looking to get your personal information such as your address, financial information, date of birth and social security number by using scare tactics. 

Chris Babin, Business Administration Manager, with the Better Business Bureau, said, “They’re using scare tactics such as finding vehicles registered to you of different drugs and things in it that they’re investigating from a law-enforcement perspective, threatening warrants and coming after you for arrest if you don’t give them certain information.” 

The scam caller then says that a car registered in your name has been found with drugs or money in it, or that your name is associated with a house that has been part of a recent drug raid. 

They proceed to tell you that you have charges of drug trafficking or money laundering. 

News Ten asked, “What are they saying to try to get that information from you?” 

“They’re saying if we can have your Social Security number, some of your private information, your address, so that we can kind of clear this up and make sure that it wasn’t you that was involved. We can clear you from the investigation. If you don’t give us this information, we’re going to come after you for it,” Babin added. 

Some tips to protect yourself from this scam or government imposter scams: 

  • Never give out your personal information over the phone, email, or any website until you have verified the person asking for it. 

  • You should also not always trust your caller ID or emails you receive. 

  • Government agencies do not call unsolicited; rather, they send letters. 

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