Scam targeting small businesses


A Google scam is targeting small business owners here in Acadiana.

Point Break Media is falsely claiming to represent Google.

Using robocalls, Point Break Media is contacting small business owners, claiming Google will label their business permanently closed or remove the listing altogether. 

These Google scammers are asking for a one time fee of $300 – $700.

Jenn Love of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, says, “That’s supposed to guarantee your listing. And then they ask again for more money to guarantee your placement as well.”

The Better Business Bureau received a complaint from a small business owner who lost money from this company.

Love says, “A small business owner called us. She said that Google contacted her and that she obviously needed her listing to still be there.. so she paid the $400.. well they went to go run it and her bank flagged it. And so they held that payment. Point Break Media asked her for another $400 payment and then ran another $400 payment.

These scammers are threatening to remove a small business listing on Google or no longer have it verified.

“They’re saying that these businesses aren’t verified and either Google is going to remove it or either market it as no longer being in business,” Love says.

The Better Business Bureau always reminds you to never give out your banking information.

“I think the first thing people should remember.. small business owners should know as well is that Google doesn’t have the manpower to call every single small business and do this. Also, you should never give out your banking information,” adds Love.

Here are some tips to look out for when it comes to these scams:

  • Start with trust
  • Google doesn’t remove unverified businesses
  • Never give out your banking information
  • Beware of spoofing
  • Report it

The Better Business Bureau also says that PointBreak Media, that’s one word altogether, is not affiliated in any way with Google.

It’s Point Break Media with two words.

If you have any scams you’d like me to investigate, email me at

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