Saharan dust makes way to Acadiana


If you have allergies get ready for a sneezy and sniffly next few days. Nearly 7,000 miles away dust particles from the Sahara desert has made its way to Acadiana.

According to allergy specialist Dr. James Kidd it’s imperative we limit the time we spend outside.

“Staying indoors is the best thing, if you stay indoors you pretty much will avoid it” he said. 

Dr. Kidd urges those who suffer from bad allergies that if you must be outside, limit that time to only 2 hours.

“It can irritate the respiratory track of adults and children,” Kidd said.

Treating about 40-60 patients per week for allergies, Kidd says that a safety mask can help.

“It’s more prevalent in children especially those with asthma,” he said.

If you will be outside or have kids that like outdoors, make sure to monitor how long you’re out there

“Well you have to be practical and kids like to get outside, and they should get outside and limit their exposure to at least two hours a day,” he said.

So if you’re wondering how dust from another country found its way here, it’s because strong winds coming from the east lifted dust from the Saharan dessert and the winds pushed the dust west into the Atlantic. When the wind is strong enough it can happen.

Costing around four to six dollars, Kidd says that a protective mask can be found at any local drug store and will grant you the ability to act freely during these conditions.

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