Safety and self-defense techniques to protect yourself from harmful situations


(KLFY)- Large parking lots like the ones at shopping malls are considered most vulnerable to theft and crime during the holiday shopping season.

Julianna Porche of JNP Fight or Flight says, “A perpetrator is looking for vulnerability. He’s looking for you to be distracted. You want to roll your shoulders back and walk with confidence. Don’t be afraid to drop your stuff and fight like a girl if you have to.”

Julianna Porche is a self-defense instructor.

She teaches women the do’s and don’ts to remember when out shopping alone this holiday season.

Her goal is to help women defend themselves and stop serious situations from escalating.

“Get at about a 45 degree angle, just so you are open enough to see what is going on here. Put your back against the door. The door can be your protection. You can also use the door to slam it, hit somebody with it. Putting things in the trunk, if we feel someone behind us simply lift your leg and back kick. You can also take this hand, make a fist”, Porche explains.

Sensei Stacey Knight Mejjia of Acadiana Karate instructs women to always be vocal and act quickly to any situation.

“I was striking specific targets and that’s so important and strike quickly and not stop until the attacker is disabled,” Sensei Stacey adds.

Julianna Porche’s self-defense program, visit link.

Acadiana Karate self-defense classes, visit link.

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