The Knowledge Effect serves the community through education, public policy initiatives, community events, and trainings that ensure community wellness targeting both youth and adults.

The agency launched its ‘Safe Drug Disposal Initiative’ to help combat substance abuse in the area. 

Utilizing funds through the federal government, organizers purchased Medsafe boxes to place at two independence pharmacies. 

Medsafe Boxes are placed at Northside Pharmacy and the Medicine Bin in Lafayette. The safe disposal boxes allow customers to drop off unwanted or expired medications with the convenience of picking up their current medications at the pharmacy. 

The program director of The Knowledge Effect, Mechelle Richard, says people no longer have to wait for events like, Take Back Drug Day, to get rid of these items. 

“I’m so proud that we have something situated in the community now that’s 24/7. You don’t have to wait until October, or until April, or whenever. Cause it’s twice a year. You don’t have to hold onto medication because you can walk directly into your pharmacy and drop that medication off,” said Richard. 

The Medsafe boxes were placed at Northside Pharmacy for a few months now. Pharmacist, Brain Miller, said he’s already witnessing great results and feedback from customers. 

“It makes people aware that we’re here and that we do care and that we want to make a little change if we can. It’s a way of going beyond the call of duty,” said Miller. 

The Medicine Bin is also filling up bins for disposal. “At some point, we’re just a little entity trying to reach whoever we can. In small numbers. Which eventually, can roll in big numbers to try and maybe do a little bit to trickle that back some,” said owner pharmacist, Dr. Lashunda Green. 

The inner liners inside the bins are taken away once filled to capacity. They are shipped to SHARPS Compliance, Inc., a treatment facility, for proper disposal. 

Controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals can be disposed inside the Medsafe boxes.