Road closures in Acadiana due to Harvey


(The Daily Advertiser) – Here’s a running list of road closures throughout our area due to Tropical Storm Harvey.

This will be updated as more road closures come in.

Acadia Parish

High Water:

LA 100 between LA 97 and LA 91

LA 97 at LA 100

LA 1123 between south Jct LA 97 and north Jct LA 97

Lafayette Parish

600 Bonin Road, Youngsville

Bourque Street between Denais and Lagneaux, Youngsville

Burgess Drive at Regal Drive, Broussard

Caroline Street, Scott, LA (Closed)

Chemin Agréable between Detente Road and Guillot Road, Youngsville

Chip Street, Scott, LA (Closed)

Commercial Parkway at Park Center Street, Broussard

Cormier Road at Post Road, Carencro

Creswell Street, Scott, LA (Closed)

1117 Dugas Road, Scott, LA

Dulles Drive at Herbert Road, Scott, LA

100 Fabre Road, Broussard, LA

114 Fair Grounds Drive, Lafayette, LA

1000 W. Fairfield Drive, Broussard, LA

Waterberry Drive at W. Fairfield Drive, Broussard, LA

3700 Block S. Fieldspan Road, Duson, LA

700 Garber Road, Broussard, LA

1500 Garber Road Scott, LA

Janvier Road at Gloria Switch Road, Carencro, LA

100 Block Gouaux Road, Scott, LA

Green Ridge Drive at Clay Ridge Drive (Closed) Youngsville, LA

Cankton Road at Ira Street, Carencro, LA

600 Block Janvier Road, Carencro, LA (Not Passable)

JB Road, Lafayette, LA (Closed)

Gran Lane at La Neuville Road, Broussard, LA (Not Passable)

LA 96 at LA 182 Broussard, LA

1100 Lagneaux Road, Duson, LA

Paige Street at Lagneaux Road, Duson, LA

N. Larriviere Road at Heritage Drive, Youngsville, LA

North/South Larriviere Road, Broussard, LA (Barricaded)

700 N. Larriviere Road, Broussard, LA (Barricaded)

N. Larriviere Road at Fairfield Drive, Broussard, LA

Hill Ridge at N Larriviere Road, Youngsville, LA (Barricaded)

Limoges Street at Marigny Circle, Duson, LA

300 Magnolia Knee Dr. Carencro, LA

Marteau Road at LA 92, Broussard, LA

1200 Marteau Road, Youngsville, LA (Not Passable)

Mills at Malapart, Lafayette, LA

4800 Moss Street, Carencro, LA

400 Oak Springs Lane, Carencro, LA

700 Old Spanish Trail at L. Provost, Scott, LA

100 Block E. Parkwood Drive, Youngsville, LA

400 Ridge Road, Duson, LA

Rue Bon Secours at Rue Novembre, Scott, LA (Closed)

100 Rue Scholastique, Carencro, LA

1300-1600 Savoy Road, Youngsville, LA

400 Sellers Road, Duson, LA

600 St. Etienne Road, Broussard, LA

St. Etienne Road at E. Main Street, Broussard, LA (Not Passable)

Stephen Street, Scott, LA (Closed)

St. Anne, Perez Drive, Sunset Street, Scott, LA

1100 Tolson Road, Lafayette, LA

US 90 at Albertson Parkway, Broussard, LA

4900 Block of Verot School Road, Lafayette, LA

3500 Verot School Road, Youngsville, LA

200 Viaulet Road, Youngsville, LA

Vincent Street, Scott, LA (Closed)

100 Weco Lane, Broussard, LA

2300 W. Willow Street, Scott, LA (Barricaded)

2100 W. Willow Street, Lafayette, LA

Windward Street, Scott, LA (Closed)

LA 733 (Eloi Broussard Bridge) over the Vermilion River closed to marine traffic only

LA 92 (Milton Bridge) over the Vermilion River is closed to marine traffic only

St. Landry Parish

Hwy 103 near John Addie (very muddy)

White Oak Rd (flooded)

Jennings Rd near Church Rd (flooded but passable)

Daniel Meche @ Hwy 742 (flooded but passable)

Hwy 103 near Lopez Rd (flooded but passable)

Point Verdie Rd – (flooded but passable)

Bordelon Rd @ Hwy 745

Anita Drive (flooded)

Lawler Hwy

Collins Lane

Charles Burr

Prayer House Rd

Savoie Rd (1100 block) (Cankton)

Domengeaux Rd (Cankton)

Chris Rd (Cankton)

Waters Lane (Sunset)

Seven Arpents

Nap Lane

Spur Lane

Mallet (Pecaniere area)

Old School Rd (Pecaniere area)

Riley Rd (Pecaniere area)

Sandy Rd

Roy Guidry Rd @ Osage Rd

St. Martin Parish

High Water:

LA 347 (Grand Point Hwy) at I-10

LA 328 (Anse Broussard Hwy)

LA 347 (Bushville Hwy)

LA 678 (Grand Anse Hwy)

LA 93 (Bayou Courtableau Hwy)


LA 347 (Cecilia Sr. Hwy) between 686 (Coteau Rodaire Hwy) and LA 328 (Anse Broussard Hwy)

LA 347 (Grand Point Hwy) between Poydras and Doyle Melancon

Vermilion Parish

High Water:

LA 690 between Jct LA 82 and west side Vermilion River

LA 1266 between LA 690 and Palmetto Island State Park

LA 335 at LA 694

La 335 at Coulee Kinney Bridge

LA 82 at Burger King in Abbeville

LA 3267 at LA 14

LA 3267 at the Railroad Tracks

LA 3267 at John Hardy

LA 3267 at Youngs North Coulee Bridge

LA 694 at LA 82

LA 694 between Oak Street and Towne Lane

LA 699 at LA 343

LA 699 at Tee Robe Road

LA 333 at Broussard Brothers

LA 333 at Jct LA 82

Road Closure:

LA 3147 (Freshwater City Road) at Humble Canal Bridge

LA 14 (Charity) at Donald Frederick Boulevard

LA 14 (Charity) at Lyman Street

LA 14 (Delcambre Bridge) over Bayou Carlin is closed to MARINE TRAFFIC ONLY

LA 14 (By-Pass Bridge) over the Vermilion River is closed to MARINE TRAFFIC ONLY

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office reports the following roads have had high water Monday. Some are flooded and impassable:

Giles Road

Bella Road – Between West Etienne Road and LA 699

Jane Street – West of Sally Road

Meaux’s Lane – West portion

Albert Road – East of Grosse Isle Road

Adier Road @ North Airport Road

Adier Road @ LA 338

Perkin Road – East of Tato Road

Andrus Road – Between Montgomery Road and Fusilier Road

Cheneau Road – West of Odilion Road

Junius Road – By the curves by Vigneaux Road

Alexander Road – Multiple areas

Oniedas Road

Boatshop Road

Big 4 Road @ LA 14

Adola Road

Lake Road

Theall Road @ LA 82

Gaspard Road @ Wright Road

Saltzman Road @ Wright Road

Mack Switch Road

Dalton Road – Between Judge Ducet Road and Klaby Meaux Road

Hargrave Road @ Klaby Meaux Road

Alton Road – West of Gilbert Road

Pecan Road @ LA 708

South Airport Road

Jacqulyn Street

Everglade Road

Cleo Road

Ollie Road

Dudley Road

LA 89 @ Maggie Road

Wilmer Road

US 167 @ Sandpit Road

West Etienne Road

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