Resident’s surveillance footage captures attempted car burglary in Milton, LPSO investigation underway


MILTON, La. (KLFY)- Authorities are investigating several attempted car burglaries in Milton.

One woman reached out to News 10 with surveillance video footage of someone recently trying to break into her car in her driveway in the early morning hours.

Video surveillance shows someone in the dark getting out of what appears to be their car. The person walks up to two cars in the driveway pulling on the handles.

The homeowner, who wants to remain anonymous, says the alleged thief tried to break into other vehicles.
The location where the incident took place is off of Espasie Drive in Milton.

“We are investigating some attempted car burglaries in those areas and along with agencies that may be involved depending on the specific jurisdictions,” Capt. John Mowell, spokesperson for with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, said.

Authorities say the best advice is the simplest… lock your doors.

“Most of the car burglaries that we see come as a result of people leaving their cars unlocked so it’s really that simple. If you make it so easy for somebody to break into your car, they probably will,” added Mowell.

The surveillance video is proof of how car thieves can work.

“The other thing is to keep your valuables out from somebody looking through your windows. If you leave a purse in your car, on your car seat, or a wallet in the center console, you’re just making yourself a real easy target,” explained Mowell.

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