ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Two Crowley women are leading an effort to recall Mayor Tim Monceaux. Kathryn Holmes and Gwen Simon submitted the documentation to the Secretary of State’s office Thursday morning.

Issues at the Crowley Animal Shelter, they say, added to frustration that has been building.
​”We have a problem. We have a problem in the mayor’s office,” says Holmes.​​

Holmes’ frustration began about a year ago when she attended a city council meeting to request that blighted properties in her neighborhood be dealt with. Mayor Tim Monceaux told her it would.

Even after visiting her house and reassuring her the problem would be taken care of, nothing was done to resolve the issue. She feels lack of action on the part of the mayor is an ongoing problem.​​

“I’ve watched these city council meetings online. He avoids every question. It’s always I’m going to come back to it, we’re working on it. But where’s the answer? We never get an answer. He never comes back to it. It’s unfortunate,” she says.​​

Simon explained she believes there to be a problem between Monceaux and the city council.​​”You can’t even get answers from your councilmen because he doesn’t answer them,” Simon told News 10.​​

Crowley city Councilwoman Kim Stringfellow, who took office with Monceaux in January 2019, echoed those sentiments during an interview a week ago.​​”We’ve been asking to see bills since we were elected. Have yet to,” Stringfellow explained.​​

Holmes and Simon say they felt they had to take action, “It is. It’s a nightmare. It’s an embarrassment for the city of Crowley.”​​

Holmes and Simon believe their efforts will get the support of Crowley’s registered voters. “We have a lot of people on board with this. the city of Crowley deserves better.”​​

State law gives them 180 days to collect roughly 2700 signatures. They have created a “Recall Tim Monceaux” Facebook page to provide information and updates.

News 10 reached out to Monceaux for comment. He has not responded.​