Residents in St. Martin Parish watched water levels closely this week in anticipation of the Atchafalaya River cresting.

As we first reported, earlier in the month the Atchafalaya River was predicted to crest on March 18.

Just a few days late, but we did see the river crest today. The Mayor of Henderson says residents can thank the strong north wind for keeping water from flooding homes.

“The north winds today is the savior for the people because a lot of them especially in Stevensville over there they are borderline,” says Mayor Sherbin Collette.

Residents throughout St. Martin Parish were concerned about flooding this week. Collette says the water should start to fall soon.

The high river levels didn’t cause flooding in upper St. Martin. They should, however, help bring in more money for fishermen this season.

Collette says, “It’s going to be great. It’s slow to catch down a lot in the basin because the water is so deep in the water is cold. This is ice water from up north. Once it warms up you should have a pretty decent crawfish coming out the basin for a pretty long time.”

For now, residents should be able to sleep soundly tonight knowing the water levels are going down.

“Think we are going to be fine now. Now, of course, we have April and May. What a lot of people have to understand is that the big south win, if it blows for a week or two weeks at a time we could still get some water later on in the year,” says Collette.

The Buttee LaRose area was at a minor flood watch today. With levels starting to drop the mayor says no one in this area should see flooding this week.