The closure of the Buchanan Street parking garage has been a nightmare for some people, especially for those who work right across the street at the Lafayette Parish Court House.
But the scariest part of the situation is that cuts may have to be made in for the repair the garage. 
“You have people scattered all over the place. It’s attributing to a lot of inefficiency at the courthouse,” said local attorney Charley Hutchens.   
Hutchens frequents the courthouse and he said he sees the impact the lack of parking space is having. 
“People are having to find places to walk. They’re having to walk great distances. It’s a great inconvenience to everybody in general,” he said. 
Weeks ago, the council decided the city of Lafayette would not purchase the dilapidated garage and pay for its repairs.
“The deterioration since the previous evaluation had occurred at the much faster rate that anyone anticipated,” said Lafayette City-Parish Mayor Joel Robideaux. 
But with the parish’s lack of funds, Robideaux said cuts may be made if they want to repair the building. 
There’s only $12 million in the parish’ general fund. If the garage repairs cost $2.5 or $2 million, then you’re talking about more than 20 percent in cuts. 
Robideaux mentioned there are other possible options instead of cuts, like public-private partnerships, or just leaving the garage closed, which may leave people like Hutchins looking for a place to park. 
The garage has been closed indefinitely and there’s no timeline as to when repairs to the garage may be made.