Rayne homeowner offers advice on using power inverters as emergency generators


ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) As home owners restore their yards and remove what Hurricane Delta left behind, some are sitting on their porches hoping to catch a cool breeze.

In Rayne, residents have been without power since Friday and running their homes on generators.

Kenneth Pelsia says he didn’t have the money to buy a generator so he is using a power converter.

He says this allows him to plug up multiple fans around the house until power is restored.

“It’s a cigarette outlet, most vehicles have them,” Pelsia said.

“You run an extension cord, and then run it to wherever your destination.”

He says you can plug anything with a 110-volt source and a U-S-B chord into the power inverter but under certain conditions.

“You can power anything in your house under 400 watts.”

Pelsia says there are two ways to use the converter; by using the cigarette lighter in your vehicle or attaching it to the battery in your vehicle.

“They have a fuse in it. Make sure your fuses are good. Don’t ever block the fan for it. Set her down.”

He explains: “Here is your on and off switch. Two USB connections and here is your two 110 connections. Like I said you can power up anything under 400 watts.”

Pelsia says its safe and you won’t have to worry about your vehicle battery dying. He also says the converter will notify you if it’s being overloaded.

“It will tell you. You can plug up things and it will warn you if it’s overloaded.”

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