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Protestors take to City Hall steps in St. Martinville asking for an end to violence


(KLFY)- Men women and children gather in St. Martinville rallying for an end to violence in the city and around the world.

“We can be humble sincerely, kind to one other sincerely, hear from heaven the cry from St. Martinville to change our land.”

Marching towards city hall steps in St. Martinville, protestors, like many others before them, call for an end to violence.

Arriving at the steps, hundreds gather, asking for justice and peace for everyone around the world.

“There will be no equality until there is equal justice, equal thought, equal valuation life, that included black life that has been neglected for ages.”

Lafayette NAACP President Marja Broussard calls on protestors to continue the work for justice and peace after the rallies end.

She says the work is never done.

It needs to progress at home and in our communities.

“The rallies are nice. The work starts when we leave and go home. When we attend city council meetings. That is when the real work starts.”

Protestors say asking for an end to violence starts from the heart.

They say it begins when we truly accept that we are all the same… no matter the color of our skin.

“It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, we bleed the same.”

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