Lafayette, La. (KLFY) June is known as Pride month nationally and in other parts of the world. Several historical events have happened in June including the Stonewall riots and the landmark Supreme Court Case legalizing same-sex marriage across the country.

Several former presidents have acknowledged and proclaimed June as Pride month, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now president Joe Biden.

Former president Donald Trump also tweeted his support and acknowledgement of the month in 2019.

However, the city of Lafayette doesn’t recognize the month and it’s leaving some community members frustrated.

Mayor President Josh Guillory previously stated he didn’t support the government getting involved in this type of issue, saying he wanted to focus more on drainage and infrastructure issues.

Guillory’s office is now facing criticism for his previous comments considering the local government has been involved and has proclaimed dozens of days and months for specific people and events over the past year.

The LGBTQ+ minority community feels as though they’re being left out and discriminated against by the local government.

“Lafayette is never going to reach her full potential until we have people in the administration who are going to embrace every minority community,” Matthew Humphrey said.

The Lafayette Chapter of PFLAG has requested to Mayor President Josh Guillory’s office numerous times to to have June recognized as Pride month.

We reached out to spokesperson for request for comment on the issue within Guillory’s office and our request for comment has not been responded to.

Local business owners feel as though it’s a chance to bring not only more residents into the area, but business in as well.

“They mayor could do a lot to help us, to encourage one little thing,” owner of Sugarwolf Ourdoor Exchange Wendy Dorfman said.

The Lafayette Chapter of PFLAG president Humphrey said there’s nothing legislative about this proclamation, it’s just having the city acknowledge the month and it’s symbolic significance.