President Trump scheduled to tour Cameron LNG facility


President Donald Trump visits Louisiana next week to tour liquified natural gas export facility Sempra Energy’s Cameron LNG facility. 

Sempra Energy is pleased to welcome the President of the United States along with a bipartisan group of federal, state and local stakeholders to celebrate the completion of construction of Train 1 of the Cameron LNG facility in Hackberry, LA. Over 11,000 workers contributed to the construction of this premier energy infrastructure project which will enable the export of abundant and clean natural gas to global markets, bringing resilience and energy security to millions, according to Sempra Energy communications manager Paty O. Mitchell.

The Town of Hackberry is just a stones throw away. The local grocer in town says he’s lived in Hackberry for some 40 years. “I figured they would say LNG but I didn’t know they were going to say Hackberrry,” store owner Jim Brown said.

Employees of Brown’s Grocery say they’re speechless and excited. “It’s pretty exciting for the president to come to.  We’re just a litte bitty town. It takes five minutes to drive through. Maybe he might stop for some lunch,”  employee Sandy Hebert added”Hackberry goodness gracious. We’re going to be on the map,”  employee Carey Cabell said.

U.S. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) is the chairman of the energy and natural resources subcommittee on energy.  

Senator Cassidy says the tax dollars alone from the LNG project benefits the state, as well as neighboring parishes. “The president has decided that we’re going to focus on energy and the state has come after that.  It’s going to be beneficial for the environment, jobs, for families, for our country and for the whole world.”

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