Port Barre residents take issue with increased water bills


PORT BARRE, La. (KLFY)- Port Barre is a quiet town of about 2,500 people. 

But now residents are speaking out after a significant rise in their water bills.    

 “It’s about a $40 increase. It’s hard, we’re on a fixed income,” said resident Gwen Bergeron. 

Forty bucks doesn’t seem that high compared to other recent bills.  

One resident emailed News 10 saying their bill went from between $40 and $60 dollars to more than $200. 

Another resident said he was charged $235 because of a leak that he never found.  

Mary Joyce says her bill also went up, but she’s said she’s not complaining.  

“It’s not much, like $3 or $4 dollars,” Joyce said. 

When asked for comment from town officials, the town clerks told New 10 that new meters were installed 18 months ago.  

 The new system allows meter readers to simply drive by with a laptop computer and the water and gas usage is transmitted from the meter.  

 “This system here, the technology with it is, it’s very, very up to date, said Toria Comeaux, Port Barre’s town clerk.  

 If there’s any abnormality, the system will recognize it, Comeaux said.  

 “It can detect if a customer has an intermittent leak or a continuous flow going through their meter,” the official said. “When it prints out the report we try to call everyone on the report to let them know you may have something going on at your home, you are our leak list.” 

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