NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY)– A nightclub, that was once a jewelry store, in New Iberia called Club Explosive caught on fire late Thursday night. This nightclub was a place for people in New Iberia to have fun and now residents are remembering the good times it brought.

The New Iberia Fire Department was notified of smoke coming from a structure on South Hopkins Street and Washington Street. Crews were able to get the fire under control, but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Glenn Hill, a resident in New Iberia, said he watched the fire take over the building and said he feels heartbroken for the owner.

“I was shocked,” Hill said. “I felt sorry. I felt bad for the guy because I know him personally, and he’s a good dude. I was just shocked to see that. I stood up and watched the whole thing burn.”

Hill said he went to Club Explosive very often on the weekends and said it was very popular in New Iberia.

“I went on weekends, Sundays and Saturdays when they had birthday parties and stuff,” Hill said. “It was live. It was the place to be on the weekends.”

Hill said he hopes the owner will build a new nightclub in the future.

“I really felt his pain. I just hope he get it together and try to rebuild or try to open up another club,” he said

Hill said he sends his condolences to the owner of the nightclub.

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