St. Martinville police are searching for a second suspect, wanted in connection with the armed robbery of Evangeline Downs Races and Aces, casino and off-track betting, on Tuesday.

Police have already arrested Payton Byrd.

He was working as the security guard of the casino at the time of the robbery…

The second suspect police are looking for is Devin Bourda, for armed robbery charges, and police say there could be more.

St. Martinville police say they found out that Bourda texted Byrd on Tuesday saying he was going to rob the place, but Byrd didn’t think Bourda was actually going to do it.

“I said ‘Oh I can’t believe it was happening’. I can’t believe I was shocked.. around here, nothing happens like this around here,” said Michael Patin, a patron of the Races & Aces Casino

Another patron who was there says: “I heard the security guard was involved with the stealing.”

Regulars of Evangeline Downs Races & Aces casino and off-track betting in St. Martinville were shocked to hear the news that the former security guard there, was in on the armed robbery.

“I seen him before, I talked to him, he was a nice guy, a nice fella, I never thought he would do something like that,” Patin said.

“Guy walked into the casino, brandished a weapon, walked past the security guard, checked the security guard for weapons, grabbed his panic alarm, then he goes to the cashier and grabs her apron,” explains St. Martinville Police sergeant Andrew Broussard.

Bourda stole about $2900 in a matter of minutes…

Broussard says they arrested the casino security guard, Payton Byrd, after finding out he was involved in the heist.

“The suspect mentioned to him that he was going to rob the casino, he said he didn’t take him seriously. The day-of, he got a text from the guy saying that he was about to come in, that’s when the robbery took place, and that was his involvement,” he says.

Police are actively searching for Bourda and possibly others involved.

As for the regulars of Races & Aces, they say regardless of what happened, they’re not afraid to return.

“You got to keep living. not supposed to let anything stop us. this is a free world, free country, so try to enjoy life as much as possible,” a patron says.

Patin adds: “You got to keep living life, just take care, watch yourself that’s all, just got to look both ways.”

News Ten reached out to David Strow, the vice president of corporate communications for Boyd game corporation over Evangeline Downs and he said:

“As this matter is the subject of an active law enforcement investigation, we are unable to offer any comment at this time.  We defer to law enforcement officials to provide any information or comment they deem appropriate.”