Police dog tells story of sniffing out 4.4 pounds of hidden cocaine during St. Mary Parish traffic stop


A police dog named Buddy sniffed out about $150k in cocaine during a traffic stop in St. Mary Parish.

The discovery and drug bust happened Monday morning around 2:45 a.m. on Highway 90, according to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Officer Buddy said he and Deputy Veillon witnessed a car cross over the centerline and then slow down to 35 in a 55.

“I rolled my eyes, I mean, I don’t have a driver’s license but I could tell that something was up for sure.” Buddy said.

Deputy Veillion hit his emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over, a release states.

“I was alert in the backseat, watching my partner closely because that’s part of my job to protect Veillion. After talking to the driver for a few minutes, he came back to the unit, opened the door, and told me it was time to get to work!”

Buddy said he sniffed around the vehicle and detected illegal narcotics.

“I approached the vehicle and as I got closer I could smell it. Wow! This time, it was strong! I told Veillion there was some mess in here somewhere. I worked around the vehicle and stopped where the odor was really strong and asked him “you can’t smell this, Veillion??” I don’t understand why you humans can’t seem to sniff this stuff. It’s so obvious! I was picking up the smell of white stuff and that funny grass.”

Deputy Veillion seized and searched and 4.4 pounds of cocaine were found in a hidden compartment.

59-year-old Floyd C. Acklin, Jr., of Houston was arrested and charged with:
– Improper lane usage
– Possession of schedule II (cocaine) with intent to distribute
– Possession of schedule II marijuana
– Possession of drug paraphernalia
– Proper display of license plate (fraud plate)

“Now, I’m not quite sure what all that means, but everyone was happy for sure. I’m trained to find the white stuff, but it’s usually smaller than that. Everybody that saw those bricks was pretty excited. I recognize human happiness, and that was definitely it.” Officer Buddy said.
“I posed for a couple pics and I hope I look ok in them. Somebody made me laugh in one of them, but you can use it anyway. K9 Chara said the pics look good so I’m ok with them. Oh, by the way, K9 Jace and I would like you to get some dog treats and hide them in your office. Just keep that between us K9s and you.”

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