Police Association of Lafayette addresses dragging, which left two LPD officers hospitalized


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Vice-president of the Police Association of Lafayette, Scott Rummel,  says he thinks it’s important that the community is aware of what Lafayette police officers go through on a day-to-day basis.

“Lafayette is the fourth-largest city in the state. With that comes those big problems and officers that are dispatched every day with the Lafayette Police Department don’t know what they’re going to run in to,” explains Rummel.

“It could be a routine traffic stop that turns side-ways. It could be a domestic issue just like these officers this past weekend dealt with and they end up getting drug by a car, we don’t know what’s going to happen. They don’t know what’s going to happen,” he says.

Rummel, says the Police Association finds it important to keep the public updated when these incidents do occur.

He says when the public is in the loop, it not only benefits the community, but it benefits the officers.

“I think people need to know what is happening in their city. They need to know that it’s not just an officer, sitting on the side of the road, working a crash or writing a ticket to somebody,” Rummel said. “We also think it helps us when it comes time to promoting pay raises or recruit people to the Lafayette Police Department.”

Rummel says the association will continue informing the public of what officers with LPD go through every day with the use of the group’s Facebook page.

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