Phone scam targeting Church Point residents asking for money or threaten arrest


Church Point Police are warning residents of a phone scam. 

Scammers are calling Church Point residents pretending to be with law enforcement saying that they have warrants out for their arrests. 

“According to the reports we’re having, is the scammer is calling the residents and actually verifying a lot of their information and names and stuff,” Church Point Police Chief Dale Thibodeaux said.  “Sometimes the date of birth is wrong, and they’ll just tell you ‘oh we have the wrong date of birth,’ but we know it’s you.” 

The scammer claims they’re with a police department, or a sheriff’s or marshal’s office. 

They ask for money in the form of a prepaid card. 

“When you get one of these prepaid cards, there’s a code on there, when you scratch it off, you give them the code,” explained Chief Thibodeaux. “They can turn around and they access the money that way from this prepaid card.” 

Posing as fake law enforcement officials, these scammers are using a form of “spoofing,” a typical technique of robocalls. 

“We will never call you for you to give us information over a phone or anything like that in concerns of a warrant, and no police department will,” added Chief Thibodeaux. 

Church Point Police say do not give any money over the phone to these scammers.  

Chief Thibodeaux says the police department is getting reports from residents of two to three scam calls a day and the scammer has a foreign accent. 

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