KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) – There’s a petition circulating around Kaplan to recall embattled Police Chief Boyd Adams.

“It’s bad. Kaplan, deserves better,” said Roy Whiteman, who started the recall petition.

The recall petition needs 33 1/3% of the total registered voters in the city of Kaplan, which is 999 signatures.

“People actually roaming around Kaplan, getting signatures, me included,” said Whiteman.

State Police arrested Chief Adams earlier this week on theft charges and accusations of malfeasance in office.

Detectives say Adams was unable to provide receipts of his use of over $19,000 of police department funds.

He’s also accused of using nearly $7000 of that amount for personal purposes.

Wendy Duhon is volunteering and helping out with the cause after she says Boyd owes her family money as well.

“My husband had posted what had happened on Facebook and then a bunch of people started contacting us, and telling us their stories. They call them their ‘Boyd stories,” said Duhon.

She says this is a disturbing pattern that needs to be broken.

“To be the chief and lie like that all the time, yeah it’s not good and he shouldn’t be in office,” said Duhon.

If organizers get the 999 signatures, they will send the petition to the Secretary of State’s Office, where he will notify the Registrar of Voters in Vermilion Parish that a recall election is to be held.

“We’re not going to stop when we get 999. We’re going to get as many as we can,” said Whiteman.