Pedestrian and driver safety starts with you


Trooper Thomas Gossen, Louisiana State Police Troop I, says, “So far in Troop I area which encompasses 8 parishes, we’ve had 9 pedestrian deaths out of 54 deaths that have occurred on highways.”

Louisiana State Police warn pedestrians to always be alert and aware while on the side of roadways.

Trooper Thomas Gossen stresses the importance of pedestrians taking extra precautions while walking along busy roads.

“trooper gossen: “don’t assume cars will see you. one of the suggestions is to have a flashlight or phone with a flashlight; walk with that towards the coming traffic. always walk away from traffic, not back to them.”

He explains safety importance and laws surrounding pedestrians in crosswalks.

“In a crosswalk with white block lines, that would signify pedestrian right of way. If there is a crosswalk like around UL campus where there is signage that alerts when its ok, at that point, it’s incumbent upon the pedestrian to follow the signs, not just assume. I wouldn’t assume it’s safe to do so. Always be observant,” Gossen explains.

Trooper Gossen says drivers can take certain precautions to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

Gossen adds, “As a driver it’s important to number 1 be aware and alert. Always be looking ahead; being distracted in the vehicle only takes a second for this to occur. Looking at the phone, looking at the radio, looking at different things in vehicle, so always be observant on what’s going on around you and in front of you is extremely important.”

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