YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Concerned parents of students who attend Southside High in Youngsville attended a Town Hall meeting Monday night over possible rezoning in the future.
Lafayette Parish School Board member for District 9, Jeremy Hidalgo, hosted the event.
Right now LPSS officials say the rezoning most likely will not happen this year.
Currently Southside High has roughly 1200 students.
However, the Board estimates more than 500 eigth graders are zoned to be freshman next year at the school.
 That’s well over their comfortable capacity of 1400.
“We look into to be about a year, atleast a year away from making any decision about a rezone for Southside,” said Joe Craig, the Chief Administrative Officer for LPSS.
“To me personally, it’s a question of how this was not forseen? If you knew they were going to hit 2000, why was that not factored in sooner?,” said Teresa Perez, a parent of a student at Southside High.
“You spend $250,000 investing in a home for your family with the best outcome, and then they (LPSS) want to rezone the school, and push you to a different school,” said David Wilson, a parent of a student at Southside High.
Parents told News 10 their concerns about the the possible high school spot rezoning in the future, which could send some of their children to Comeaux High.
“If what they are saying about the rezone goes into effect the way their talking about, our oldest son of course will be safe, but the youngest one will be forced to rezone,” said Wilson.
“We have an agenda item on Thursday night’s meeting, to go ahead and move some temporary classrooms to the Southside campus. So that’ll alleviate some of the space for students.
There’s some instructional spaces still available at the school to accomodate students,” said Craig.
“I feel like the butler buildings are a better solution then burdening the families.
But at the end of it, it is still just a temporary solution for 5 or 6 years. And of course no school wants to wind up with the eye sore or the burden, that some of the other high schools have had, of having butler buildings for 15, 20, 30 years,” said Wilson.
A more than $18.5 million project which would add a wing to Southside High is out of the Board’s budget at this time.
Hidalgo will host another Town Hall on Tuesday night at the school for more concerned parents.
At Thursday’s Board meeting:
 – The Board will consider an attendance zone for the new Billeud Elementary School in Broussard.
 – Make a final decision on next school year’s calendar for the District.
 – And look at adding those butler buildings to Southside High.